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"CCN has changed my life. 

I am so happy that CCN offers the Annual Subscription. I gives me peace of mind that I am getting the vary best value for each one of the awesome CCN challenges. 

CCN has armed me with recipes, meal plans, and knowledge, in addition to the best support group that money can buy! I feel better than ever and I have Cara Clark Nutrition to thank!"
- Sue Chang
"The CCN team has created a wonderful easy to follow Lifestyle Program including delicious recipes, a fitness component, and wellness philosophy that allows the whole family to eat healthy and not feel guilty about what my kids eat.

 Cara and her team are always available by direct message or email, and are dedicated to make our entire community feel as one. The other members are so helpful and supportive - I always have a cheerleader helping guide me to making good choices."
- Wendy Lustbader
Here's What You'll Get:

Total Value: $3360

30-Day CCN Balanced Kid


$97 Value

Inside this program you'll find

  • 50 Kid Friendly Recipes that follow the CCN guidelines
  • ​Food exchange list & other important references
  • Meal prep guide
  • ​Tips & guidelines for feeding kids
  • ​5 Colors a day "eat a rainbow" chart
  • ​Tips regarding food for active kids (sports, game day & practices)
  • ​Family friendly movement activities to make exercise FUN!  
  • Weekly e-mail check ins for the duration of the meal program
  • ​Overall wellness, tips & activities
  • ​Facebook online group support & accountability
  • ​One month of expert nutrition guidance
  • BONUS: CCN The Kid Friendly Cookbook
  • BONUS: Back to School Lunch Guide

Montly Health Topic


$948 Value

Each Month we will be releasing a masterclass on important health topics specific to children & their overall health

  • Palette changes & how food makes you feel
  • Immune System support for children
  • How to reduce or remove sugar + secrets to balancing the blood sugar through holidays and celebrations
  • Gluten - Why to remove it, and how to know if you need to.
  • Skin issues - uncover the root cause and how to heal from within
  • ​Allergies - Both seasonal and environmental + how to heal and overcome food allergies
  • ​Combining macros for kids - a simple method for understanding how to eat for a balanced blood sugar
  • ​Sleep Issues - Understanding the circadian rhythm, sleep routines, and warning signs of disrupted sleep
  • ​Picky Eaters - what to do to make food fun + how to introduce new foods
  • ​How to talk to kids about food
  • ​Attention span and focus
  • ​Hormone Education by age & gender


Bonus One

5 'Ask the Doctor' Sessions with Dr. Kaisa Capolla:

Value: $1625

One Quarterly + an extra session the month we discuss hormones!

Bonus Two

Guest Experts on sensitive topics such as:

Value: $540

  • Occupational Therapist: Picky eaters + textures
  • Family Therapist, Joshua Busson: How to talk to kids about food
  • Pediatrician, Dr. Brandie Lasala: Treating hyperactivity from the inside out

Bonus Three

Supportive & Thriving Community

Change is hard, and not one kid is like the next. This is why we believe that COMMUNITY is one of the most important aspects to everything we do. Seek support for whatever bumps you might hit in the journey of overall health, celebrate the wins no matter how big or small, and learn a few new tricks from other parents just like you!

Bonus Four

Lifetime Access to the Membership Site

Receive lifetime access to all this amazing content in one place! Refer back to the materials and masterclass recordings as often as you like, knowing it's neatly organized and in one place!

Bonus Five

Surprise Mommy Bonus!

Value: $150

We believe that the moms are the heart of home, and you give your all for your family's health and happiness. We want to treat you to a surprise bonus the month we discuss hormones.

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